Package org.smurn.jply

jPLY - Java PLY File Format Library.


Interface Summary
ElementReader Reads a stream of elements.
PlyReader Interface for classes reading PLY file structures.

Class Summary
Element Element of a PLY file.
ElementType Declaration of an element type.
ListProperty Declaration of a list property of an element.
PlyReaderFile Reads meshes in the PLY file format.
Property Declaration of a property of an element.

Enum Summary
DataType Data type of values stored in PLY files.

Package org.smurn.jply Description

jPLY - Java PLY File Format Library.

jPLY is a library to read PLY files in a simple way. It has complete support for all features offered by the PLY format. jPLY is using the Apache 2 License so feel free to use it for open or closed source projects.

This JavaDoc documentation is containing the detailed description of the API. A quick-start manual for this library is provided though the maven site of this library.

Data is read using two interfaces. The first one is PlyReader which defines PlyReader#nextElementReader() that returns one ElementReader after the other. The element readers then allow the user to read the actual elements using ElementReader#readElement().

The data is extracted from the Elements using the getter methods provided by it.

It is also possible to inspect the element types and element counts using both the PlyReader and ElementReader interfaces. This can be done before actually reading any elements.

The remaining classes serve this purpose by modeling the element types.

The normalizer is separated in the org.smurn.jply.util package since the normalizer is only a helper and not necessarily required to read a PLY file.

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