Package org.smurn.jply.util

This package contains the normalizer.


Class Summary
NormalizingPlyReader Ply Reader that does some normalization on the data.

Enum Summary
Axis Defines one of the three axis, possibly inverted.
NormalMode Operation mode for normal vector generation by NormalizingPlyReader.
TesselationMode Operation mode for triangle generation by NormalizingPlyReader.
TextureMode Operation modes for texture coordinate generation by NormalizingPlyReader.

Package org.smurn.jply.util Description

This package contains the normalizer.

The normalizer is not necessarily required to read PLY files. It can however be very convenient.

The majority of the classes in this package are not public even though they might be potentially help full for some advanced use-cases. They are used internally by the normalizer and are likely to change.

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